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FIRE IN THE SKY: "It Is Downright Weird,...Odd Look,... More Like A Solid Body Than A 'Fluffy' Comet,...Don't Know What This Means,...Dichotomy Of Appearance,... Don't Know What's Going On,..." - Scientists And Astronomers Are Perplexed By Comet ISON's Highly Unusual Performance En Route To The Sun?!

November 02, 2013 - SPACE - With just one month to go before its dramatic solar rendezvous, skirting to within a hairbreadth of the surface of the sun, Comet ISON continues to befuddle observers with its performance en route to the sun.

Bruce Gary of Hereford, Ariz., obtained this a true color image of Comet ISON on Oct. 22, showing a
greenish coma and reddish tail. The coma is now greener than the tail, which is also a result
of the recent emission of gas to the coma.  Credit: Bruce Gary

Based on a compilation of Comet ISON observations from observers worldwide as of Oct. 24, the comet, once proclaimed as possibly the "Comet of the Century" was running approximately 1.3 magnitudes, or 3.3 times fainter, than the "official" brightness forecast issued by the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Mass. As the comet comes down the home stretch of its long journey before finally grazing to within 730,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) of the sun, great uncertainty continues regarding whether or not it will remain disappointingly dim or whether it will end up evolving into a spectacularly bright object.      

Carl Hergenrother of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in Tucson, Ariz., noted that part of the uncertainty is due to what wavelengths the comet is observed in: "Visual and CCD-V observations do show a comet that is brightening at a normal rate (perhaps even faster than normal for a dynamically new comet) while CCD-R observations show a comet that is barely brightening at all. CCD-R sees predominately dust in contrast with visual and CCD-V, which have large gas components. It seems that over the past month or so ISON's gas production rate has increased as expected while its dust production rate has not," Hergenrother said. "I don't really know what this means but something has to give, either the dust production picks up or the gas production slows down."

Looking weird
The highly regarded comet observer John Bortle is just as perplexed by the comet's recent appearance, commenting that the recent images along with his own visual impression, is "downright weird." He adds that, "There is a bright, miniature, long-tailed comet situated within a much larger, but very much fainter and diffuse halo of a coma."

"Those visual people using larger telescope also often remark about the odd way the comet looks, while those using relatively small scopes and big binoculars report seeing a larger, more-or-less faint but uniform cometary mass," he added. "This comet is currently at a distance from the sun where it should no longer exhibit such a dichotomy of appearance.”

Bortle has observed several hundred comets and yet, he writes, "At this stage of the game, with the comet about to cross the orbit of Earth, I cannot recall any previous comet in my 50-plus years of comet observing looking quite like this. So, what does ISON's current look foretell, or mean? I honestly don't know. All I can say is I don't like the odd look of it at this time."

One step forward, one step back

Around Oct. 19, ISON seemed to suddenly brighten at a more rapid pace. On Oct. 21, Arizona observer Bruce Gary (who was the first to image the comet after it emerged from out of the glare of the sun on Aug. 12) wrote, "The comet (coma plus tail) continues a dramatic brightening trend that started Oct 19. The inner coma has brightened (due perhaps to an outburst of gases). This next week could be busy - and exciting!"

But just four days later, with the comet showing signs of fading a bit rather than brightening, Gary, sounding almost a bit exasperated commented, "I don't know what's going on with this comet!"

Analyzing all the observations made since Sept. 4 shows that ISON is responding to the sun more like a solid body would respond, rather than as a typical "fluffy" comet.

Time Running Out

Whatever is happening, Comet ISON continues on its way in toward the sun and will cross the Earth's orbit on Wednesday (Oct. 30) at 6 p.m. EDT (22:00 GMT).

For the last couple of months, observers watching the comet brighten at what has seemed to be a frustratingly slow pace are still waiting for a more rapid brightening trend. That may still happen, but time is now running out; four weeks from Thursday will be the comet's moment of truth as it whips around the sun.

Will it remain disappointingly dim? Will it finally brighten up? Will it still be completely intact when it sweeps back out into space or will the sun's extreme heat and tremendous tidal forces cause it to fracture into several pieces? - Space.

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Mass Methane Release Accelerating - Levels In The Atmosphere Over The Arctic Ocean Increasing At Unprecedented Levels!

November 02, 2013 - ARCTIC - Methane levels in the atmosphere over the Arctic Ocean are very high, as illustrated by the image below, by Leonid Yurganov, showing IASI methane readings for October 10-20, 2013.

Previous posts have discussed these high levels of methane, pointing at links between high methane levels over Arctic Ocean and earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Malcolm Light points at another factor that is contributing to the high methane levels observed over the Arctic Ocean in October 2013.

Malcolm says: The massive methane release in the Arctic this October is partly because the Gulf Stream waters got massive heating in the Atlantic off the North American coast in July. It takes the Gulf Stream currents almost 4 months to reach the emission sites along the southern side and end of the Eurasian Basin. This combined with the earthquake activity along the Gakkel Ridge and deep pyroclastic eruptions is escalating the rate of methane release by destabilizing the submarine Arctic methane hydrates at increasing rates.

The NOAA image below shows temperature anomalies for July 2013. NOAA adds that in July 2013 many regions were much warmer than average, with part of the northeastern Atlantic off the coast of North America observing record warmth.

The image below shows how water traveling along the Gulf Stream ends up in the Arctic Ocean. Water in the Gulf Stream travels at 4 miles per hour, but slows down to less than 1 mile per hour in the North-Atlantic Current. This means that water warmed up off Florida in July will start reaching waters beyond Svalbard in October.

The image below, from Malcolm Light's September 2012 post Further Confirmation of a Probable Arctic Sea Ice Loss by Late 2015, shows how warm water flows into the Arctic Ocean and warms up methane hydrates and free gas held in sediments under the Arctic Ocean.

 The image below shows the methane readings over the past few days on the Northern Hemisphere.

Below image shows the Northern Hemisphere on October 26 - 27, 2013, a period of just over one day. Methane readings of 1950 ppb and higher show up in yellow. Peak reading on October 27, 2013, was 2369 ppb.

The image below, created by Harold Hensel with methanetracker, shows methane over the Arctic Ocean in three ranges, with the highest readings (1950 ppb and higher) in red.

Harold adds: "Methane increased again in the Arctic Circle yesterday, 10/27/2013. So what were the headlines in the news? It wasn't this which is more important than anything the media has to report. This is surreal to me." - at Facebook

- Arctic News.

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Hundreds, Maybe Thousands Of Dead Fish Found In A Reservoir In Belvis de Monroy, Spain?!

November 02, 2013 - SPAIN - Several photographs disseminated through social networks have revealed the death of hundreds of fish of different species on the island known as Belvis de Monroy, in the Valdecañas, while their authors ask for the reasons that have caused this mortality.

Appears a lot of carp, catfish, Blases, pike and perch dead in Belvis de Monroy Island
(Valdecañas Reservoir). / Daniel Escudero

On the issue of the Union President Fishermen moralos, Santiago Serrano, told TODAY that days ago and reported to the general direction of the Environment the existence of thousands of dead fish floating in the waters of the reservoir Valdecañas, not only in the island of Belvis.

Mass fish die-off in Spain.

Serrano says it could be due to a spill upstream from the dam may Azután, in Toledo, but will not know anything for sure until you get tested for dead fish. However other sources point out that it is a fact that is repeated almost every year when there are sudden changes in temperature, algae decompose faster and the water runs out of oxygen, causing the death of species not are native. This is what is known as eutrophication.

Finally include the need to remove the remains as soon as possible to prevent infections in people who go fishing or animals that drink the swamp. - HOY. [Translated]

THE AGE OF OBAMA & CHILDHOOD'S END: Precursors To The End Of The U.S. Corporation And The Collapse Of The FAILED White Supremacy Paradigm - The Entire Fiat Money System Is Bankrupt, The Demise Of The Global US Fiat Dollar Reserve Currency Is Imminent!

November 02, 2013 - UNITED STATES - Major issues or trends do not change on a daily or even monthly basis. A trend may take a few years to run its course and unless there is a major factor that may affect the trend, there is hardly any need to comment any further on the trend or outcomes.

The events unraveling post Bernanke’s decision not to taper QE is most significant because it confirms our analysis that the banking crisis has not been resolved in any significant way after five years of money printing and massive asset inflation. The fiat money system has but one outcome – total collapse. It will also mean the demise of the global US dollar reserve currency.

There are no solutions at hand.

Bernanke is totally discredited and his continued tenure as Chair of the FED would only accelerate the realisation that the FED and all central banks have failed. Hence, the need to change the “leadership” at the FED, but the same policies would be followed with some cosmetic changes to hoodwink the ignorant masses. It is analogous to the transition from the second Bush presidency to that of Obama and all the theatrics of “change” propaganda. In fact, Obama is Bush 2 on steroids! Yellen will be Bernanke on steroids. Why are we so certain of this outcome at Future Fast-Forward?

Our reasons are as follows:

Prior to the Global Financial Tsunami of 2008, I had written several articles exposing the global Too Big To Fail (TBTF) banks as financial rapists and predators and they would cause untold havoc to the financial system.

Post the crisis, I had also warned that these global TBTF banks are all insolvent and the toxic assets on their balance sheets would exceed US$20 trillion at the minimum. The entire fiat money system is bankrupt. Printing toilet paper money by the trillions does not make the system solvent. It is a clear admission that the system is totally broken.

The banking Humpty-Dumpty has fallen from the wall and shattered into a thousand pieces! The confirmation for this is the fact that all central banks led by the FED have only one aim – to create massive asset inflation. How can a stock market of a bankrupt nation be at an all-time high? The FED and central banks the world over are not interested in resolving the unemployment problem because record unemployment would not collapse the fiat money system. It may trigger massive social unrest but that can be put down by a militarised police force, supported by a battle-hardened military as is happening in the US.

In the circumstances, we need to ask the US$ Trillion question – Why are all the central banks focusing on asset inflation via creation of money out of thin air?


It used to be that the Petro-dollar was the linchpin of the global economy. However, when the derivatives market took off and became a US$800 Trillion global casino, the US$ toilet paper became the currency in global financial trading and speculation.

All the TBTF banks were leveraged to their eyeballs and the collaterals were hypothecated and re-hypothecated so many times over, it became an inverted pyramid joke.

The collaterals were bundled up into CDOs etc. rated AAA by corrupt rating agencies and traded. We need not repeat this old story. The point we are making here is that not only are the collaterals junks but they are supporting a mountain of debts in the trillions. Therefore, when collaterals are impaired the TBTF banks are in a shit-hole from which they cannot get out. The FED and other central banks have no choice but to bail out the TBTF banks if a systemic failure is to be avoided. If all the junk collaterals were to be off-loaded at once in the full glare of public scrutiny, there would be a run on all the banks. So, what was required was a stealth rescue effort. The TBTF banks were allowed to unload the junk collaterals bit by bit by the various schemes of the FED culminating in the US$85 billion a month purchases of treasury bonds and mortgages by the FED.

Additionally, newly “minted” collaterals were used to replace the junks so as to clean up the balance sheets of the TBTF banks. I have stated earlier that the minimum amount of toxic assets needed to be mopped up is US$20 trillion. After five years, the FED has just scratched the surface. It is debatable how many US$ Trillions the FED has actually pumped into the system directly and indirectly. How much and how long more can the FED continue to pump US$ toilet paper into the system without creating a massive loss of confidence in the dollar? When the balance sheet of the FED reaches US$7 Trillion or maybe US$10 Trillion? It is anybody’s guess.

For sure, there will be a point when another US$100 Billion is created on top of the stash of US$ toilet papers which will tip the scale and collapse the entire system. It is a catch-22 for the FED. If it stops creating fiat money out of thin air, the fiat money system would collapse immediately. If it continues with more money creation, it merely postpones the inevitable and more devastating end-game. This is the price we all have to pay for allowing the fiat money system to hold sway for so long.

The world was conned into accepting the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of banking and finance – the US$ Global Reserve Currency Ponzi Scheme.

This scheme was created on a sand castle of debt, specifically US Treasury Bonds. The world does not need a Global Reserve Currency. Global trade can be conducted in any currency in accordance to the needs and resources of a country.

Why should there be a special privilege given to only one country to have its currency as the sole reserve currency for purposes of trade? It makes no sense as it is the result of US imperialist policies under the pretext of the Cold War. The con was based on the propaganda that the US$ should be the preferred currency and the US Treasury Bond is the “safest asset” to have in the event of an outbreak of war between the Western Imperialist camp and the Soviet bloc. We were told this arrangement was necessary if we are to enjoy the protection of the mighty US superpower!

Yet, when the Soviet bloc collapsed no one questioned the need to perpetuate the system.

Another spin was propagated. The US was the linchpin in the new era of globalisation as the US market was the biggest consumer / export market. Everyone was caught in this web of deceit. The US market was a market built on a mountain of debt. Adding insult to injury, the US consumers paid for the goods produced by millions breaking their backs with US$ toilet paper money!

Some so-called currency experts have asserted that no other currency can replace the US$ toilet paper as the global reserve currency because no other country has a bond market like the US bond market, dominated by the US treasury bonds. What an idiotic statement!

If a country is not in debt, there is no need for any bonds to be issued. A bond is an I.O.U. A bond is a mere paper pledge to repay a debt.

And anyone who says and continues to perpetuate the myth that a US debt is a better debt and is more secure is an A@#hole!

Why would anyone want to work and produce goods which are sold and paid in US$ toilet paper and then use the surplus US$ toilet paper to lend to the US government who repays the debt by merely printing more US$ toilet paper?

So, do you still think the world needs a US$ toilet paper money as a reserve currency? - Global Research.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVALS: Nearly 100 Sinkholes Have Been Discovered In Bohol, In The Philippines - Monumental Land Subsidence Following The Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake!

November 02, 2013 - PHILIPPINES - Close to 100 sinkholes have been discovered in nine towns and one city in Bohol after the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that shook the province on Oct. 15.

A family of four died in this sinkhole in Antiquera, Bohol.
Contributed Photo: Paula Cacho.

Environment officials said not all of the sinkholes posed dangers to the public as long as no houses were built over them.

In Poblacion Uno village in the capital Tagbilaran City, however, 200 families were asked to leave their homes, as the structures were built on the roof of a sinkhole.

A sinkhole is a vacuum or cavern beneath the ground or topsoil waiting for an occurrence (earthquake or heavy rain) to rupture.

Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto said a team from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) was assessing the sinkholes to determine which ones posed a threat to the public.

The eight-member team is using a ground-penetrating radar to map the island for sinkholes.

Chatto said the mapping would be completed by the first quarter of 2014 and then the team would decide whether there was need for engineering intervention.

“Don’t worry. Bohol is a very safe place to stay,” Chatto told reporters on Friday.

“Makinig tayo sa mga scientists and experts (Let us listen to the scientists and experts).”

The sinkholes were found by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Central Visayas (DENR-7) in: Tagbilaran City and the towns of Baclayon, Corella, Alburquerque, Panglao, Dauis, Balilihan, Batuan, Loon and Carmen.

Ed Llamedo, DENR-7 information officer, said these sinkholes had been existing as long as 5.3 million years ago but only surfaced after the strong earthquake on Oct. 15 that killed more than 200 persons and destroyed or damaged P5 billion worth of infrastructure, churches, and public and private structures.

Llamedo urged local officials to implement force evacuation, monitor the sinkholes, put up road signs for sinkholes and cordon off exposed sinkholes.

Filling the sinkholes with cement will only be advisable after the MGB team gets a complete picture of the sinkhole below, he added.

Llamedo explained that their radar can produce an image indicating the diameter, depth, cave pillar and extent of the sinkholes.

The DENR issued a Geohazard Threat Advisory on Oct. 28, recommending the preemptive evacuation of 200 families whose houses were built on the cave roof of the sinkhole found in Poblacion Uno in Tagbilaran City. The sinkhole already ate up an interior road. - Inquirer.

OMEN: Strange Phenomena - Water Turns Blood Red In The Netherlands; Possibly Caused By Natural Bacteria Or Algae; People Warned To Avoid The Water?!

November 02, 2013 - NETHERLANDS - In what could be yet another symptom of climate change, residents of Nootdorp in the Netherlands woke up to a strange phenomena today: A normally pristine river had turned a bloody red color.

Mystery: River in Netherlands turns a bloody red color. Photo: Mark Ruder

The cause of the red waters behind Pub 1837 in Nootdorp is almost certainly a natural bacteria or algae, says spokeswoman Inka Vogelaar of the Delfland Water Board. Although authorities say there has been no ill effects on fish, people in the area have been advised to avoid the water.

Bodies of water turning red is not a new phenomena and has been reported in other areas around the world recently. Researchers believe the red waters are linked to a rise in bacteria and rare algae blooms, another symptom of our changing and warming climate.

Photo: Mark Ruder

In an important paper published in 2008, Stephanie Moore, an expert on toxic algae with NOAA, highlighted the concerns in the scientific community about how ocean acidification, the ugly step-child of climate change, could contribute to the rise of toxic algal species:

“A more acidic environment would favor, among others, the dinoflagellates – the group of phytoplankton to which most harmful algae belong,”
Moore wrote.

Trainer, a co-author on the paper, suggests we may be entering a “dinoflagellate regime.”

WATCH: Waters Turning Red in Nootdorp. 

There have been other recent incidents of water turning red, one happening in Australia of last year, except this time it was on a beach: The crimson tide: Tourists in Australia flee as Bondi Beach turns into the 'Red Sea' because of rare algae bloom.

Last year residents in China close to the Yangtze river woke up to a big surprise when the huge river had turned into a sea of red: Yangtze River Turns Red and Turns Up a Mystery.

Last year, a river in Beirut also turned red, alarming residents: Beirut river turns blood red

Although not every instance of water turning red may be caused by a toxic algae bloom, recent reports by the NCCOS say this about the strange phenomena that seems to keep popping up in recent years:

"Recent data shows that unusual or unprecedented algal blooms have been linked to climate anomalies (e.g., Belgrano et al. 1999, Skjodal and Dundas 1991, Cloern et al. 2006, Moore et al. 2009)."

Sometimes referred to as a "red tide", these events usually occur in estuaries and along the coastlines, although they can also occur in fresh water.

Scientists are examining the latest red water event in the Netherlands to try and determine a cause. - Examiner.

PLANETARY TREMORS: Powerful 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Strike Southeast Of Neiafu, Tonga!

November 02, 2013 - TONGA - According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the Tonga archipelago was rocked by a large earthquake today. The 6.5 magnitude tremor, struck 187 kilometres (116 miles) southwest of Neiafu late Saturday.

USGS earthquake location.

The under-sea quake struck at 518:53:49 UTC, with coordinates at 19.200°S 172.300°W.

The earthquake had a depth of 10 kilometres (6.2 miles).

According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, a destructive Pacific-wide tsunami is not expected and there is no threat to any land mass.

USGS earthquake shakemap intensity.

Tonga, almost 2,000 kilometres (1,240 miles) northeast of New Zealand, lies on the so-called Pacific “Ring of Fire,” where continental plates collide causing frequent seismic activity.

Seismotectonics of the Eastern Margin of the Australia Plate.
The eastern margin of the Australia plate is one of the most sesimically active areas of the world due to high rates of convergence between the Australia and Pacific plates. In the region of New Zealand, the 3000 km long Australia-Pacific plate boundary extends from south of Macquarie Island to the southern Kermadec Island chain. It includes an oceanic transform (the Macquarie Ridge), two oppositely verging subduction zones (Puysegur and Hikurangi), and a transpressive continental transform, the Alpine Fault through South Island, New Zealand.

Since 1900 there have been 15 M7.5+ earthquakes recorded near New Zealand. Nine of these, and the four largest, occurred along or near the Macquarie Ridge, including the 1989 M8.2 event on the ridge itself, and the 2004 M8.1 event 200 km to the west of the plate boundary, reflecting intraplate deformation. The largest recorded earthquake in New Zealand itself was the 1931 M7.8 Hawke's Bay earthquake, which killed 256 people. The last M7.5+ earthquake along the Alpine Fault was 170 years ago; studies of the faults' strain accumulation suggest that similar events are likely to occur again.

North of New Zealand, the Australia-Pacific boundary stretches east of Tonga and Fiji to 250 km south of Samoa. For 2,200 km the trench is approximately linear, and includes two segments where old (>120 Myr) Pacific oceanic lithosphere rapidly subducts westward (Kermadec and Tonga). At the northern end of the Tonga trench, the boundary curves sharply westward and changes along a 700 km-long segment from trench-normal subduction, to oblique subduction, to a left lateral transform-like structure.

Australia-Pacific convergence rates increase northward from 60 mm/yr at the southern Kermadec trench to 90 mm/yr at the northern Tonga trench; however, significant back arc extension (or equivalently, slab rollback) causes the consumption rate of subducting Pacific lithosphere to be much faster. The spreading rate in the Havre trough, west of the Kermadec trench, increases northward from 8 to 20 mm/yr. The southern tip of this spreading center is propagating into the North Island of New Zealand, rifting it apart. In the southern Lau Basin, west of the Tonga trench, the spreading rate increases northward from 60 to 90 mm/yr, and in the northern Lau Basin, multiple spreading centers result in an extension rate as high as 160 mm/yr. The overall subduction velocity of the Pacific plate is the vector sum of Australia-Pacific velocity and back arc spreading velocity: thus it increases northward along the Kermadec trench from 70 to 100 mm/yr, and along the Tonga trench from 150 to 240 mm/yr.

The Kermadec-Tonga subduction zone generates many large earthquakes on the interface between the descending Pacific and overriding Australia plates, within the two plates themselves and, less frequently, near the outer rise of the Pacific plate east of the trench. Since 1900, 40 M7.5+ earthquakes have been recorded, mostly north of 30°S. However, it is unclear whether any of the few historic M8+ events that have occurred close to the plate boundary were underthrusting events on the plate interface, or were intraplate earthquakes. On September 29, 2009, one of the largest normal fault (outer rise) earthquakes ever recorded (M8.1) occurred south of Samoa, 40 km east of the Tonga trench, generating a tsunami that killed at least 180 people.

Across the North Fiji Basin and to the west of the Vanuatu Islands, the Australia plate again subducts eastwards beneath the Pacific, at the North New Hebrides trench. At the southern end of this trench, east of the Loyalty Islands, the plate boundary curves east into an oceanic transform-like structure analogous to the one north of Tonga.

Australia-Pacific convergence rates increase northward from 80 to 90 mm/yr along the North New Hebrides trench, but the Australia plate consumption rate is increased by extension in the back arc and in the North Fiji Basin. Back arc spreading occurs at a rate of 50 mm/yr along most of the subduction zone, except near ~15°S, where the D'Entrecasteaux ridge intersects the trench and causes localized compression of 50 mm/yr in the back arc. Therefore, the Australia plate subduction velocity ranges from 120 mm/yr at the southern end of the North New Hebrides trench, to 40 mm/yr at the D'Entrecasteaux ridge-trench intersection, to 170 mm/yr at the northern end of the trench.

Large earthquakes are common along the North New Hebrides trench and have mechanisms associated with subduction tectonics, though occasional strike slip earthquakes occur near the subduction of the D'Entrecasteaux ridge. Within the subduction zone 34 M7.5+ earthquakes have been recorded since 1900. On October 7, 2009, a large interplate thrust fault earthquake (M7.6) in the northern North New Hebrides subduction zone was followed 15 minutes later by an even larger interplate event (M7.8) 60 km to the north. It is likely that the first event triggered the second of the so-called earthquake "doublet". - USGS.

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Astronomical Phenomenon - Triple Sun Shines In China?!

November 02, 2013 - CHINA - A rare celestial illusion of "triple suns" occurred in the sky over Chifeng, in northern China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Friday morning.

The sun, accompanied by two smaller twins, suddenly popped up in the sky, and the triple suns appeared surrounded by arched rainbow-like halos.

The illusion is actually deemed a legitimate astronomical phenomenon, also known as a "phantom sun" or "ice halo."

WATCH: Triple Sun Shines In China. 

It only appears when ice crystals create high clouds in the air around 6,000 meters above ground, and produce reflected sunlight. - RT.